Usmile U1 Electric Sonic Toothbrush Rechargeable USB Charging 180 days of power on 3 hours charge - with 100% Round Edging Portable Bristle Oral Hygiene Travel Case (Blue)

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Super long-lasting: With battery capacity up to 2600mAh, it can be used for up to 6 months with just a 3 hours charging time, delivering great results withinmoments

Dental care: Features a 3D-moulding ultra-light brush, the first 100% rounded bristle, with its 38,000 oscillations / minute sonic vibration, it does not only effectively clean the teeth, but also steers clear of damages to capillaries in the gums and the thin enamel

Great for Travel: With the portable travel case and international USB charging cable, you can charge it with computers, power banks or any other supported standard micro USB adapters, no more nuisances of charging issues wherever you go

Intelligent and Lively: The 30-seconds zone change reminder helps you ensure recommended brushing time; while the touch-sensitive wake and mode memory features enable the brush to be activated upon picked up - you can check the power status and last used mode with the slowly-lit indication lights

Wall-mounted: Comes with awall-mounted suction cap which allows it to be firmly attached to any mirror and tile surfaces without leaving any traces. Toothbrush is no longer easily knocked down while there won't be any unhygienic issues due to unwanted contact surfaces

Original Design
This item is designed by a professional industrial design team which had been continuously furnished with iF, Red Dot Award, IDEA and other industrial design awards. They came up with the new charging method, the original wall-mounted feature, and integrated sundry fashionable elements into the product design.

Super light Brush Head
usmile brush head is possibly the lightest brush head in the market, after 46 moulding tests, the head shape and hole positions are perfectly fine-tuned to ensure it can reach the outer surfaces as well as the interproximal areas of the teeth, maximising the efficiency and enhancing the cleaning effect

The patented motor shaft maximises the vibration effectiveness propagated to the bristle tips. With the ultra-high frequency magnetic levitation brushless motor which is capable of bringing up to 38,000 effective sonic oscillations per minute, the brush can effectively reduce tartar, remove plaque, brighten the teeth.

Super long-lasting
Only takes 3 hours to fully charge the brush and it can be used for up to 6 months(4 minutes daily)

High-quality materials:
Toothbrush head is made of safety-guaranteed food contact material and DuPont bristles, while the motor shaft is made of surgical stainless steel which does not rust even after prolonged immersion. The handle body features premium environmental-friendly plastic material which costs 3 times as normal plastics. It provides excellent finish and sense of touch.

IPX7 waterproof

Package contents:
1 x toothbrush body
2 x toothbrush head
1 x standard micro USB charging cable
1 x Portable travel case
1 x Wall-mountedrack